Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guys suck!

Here is my comment to a recent WSJ


It's unfortunate that the Wall Street Journal, which is supposed to be a respectable institution, actually will print this dreck, on the internet or with ink - the very fact that it does lends nothing but credibility to an article which, interestingly enough, has very little - in their perception, "Guys" don't read the news. Maybe they're right, I don't read the news. I was educated when I was a child by the news itself to never watch it again - it's nothing but bullshit
"Police today continue the search for a family of four who went missing last Tuesday", etc. etc. etc.
"4 people died off the coast of Somalia"
Really? Give me a fucking break, you only put this crap on the news because peace doesn't sell, and no one is buying it.
If the intent was to point out a sociological shift in America, it was successful. However, the opinions expressed therein are ridiculous.
First of all, Star Wars is not a movie for people half our age. Twenty-somethings like myself, those of us who grew up in circumstances kind enough to provide us with classic films, grew up watching the original Star Wars movies, or Star Trek - I challenge you to find a 25 year old male in America who can form an intelligent defense for truly respecting the Star Wars prequels - these are a whole different matter unto themselves, and I wouldn't even suffer children to watch them, because they are garbage, save for the few saving graces in Revenge of the Sith. Any Star Wars fan who didn't enjoy seeing Anakin and Obi-Wan's vicious light saber battle across a crumbling hellhole is confused.
To suggest that we are immature, or we pale in comparison to what men once were, because we have passion in something, whether it's science fiction movies, or video games, or rare collectible items that cost ridiculous amounts of money, or consumer electronics, is not only ludicrous, but certainly moronic. Yes, "the times they are a changin" - we have longer lifespans, we live in a completely different world than even our parents' generation did. Blatant facts that apply to 99% of all first world countries are not compelling evidence why the male gender has suddenly become worthless.
I personally live with three guys easily described by the Hollywood propaganda that drives this article - they do exist. I myself have an obsession with action figures or "toys" as "women" would call them; I've spent easily 1000 dollars on them in 2010. I own many video and computer games that I rarely have time to play, an expensive television, a nice car, nice furnishings from Ikea (dispute that if you wish), a diverse bag of friends, most of whom are married and younger than me, or in the process of being married, and I am growing to hate my entry-level IT job as a software engineer/web designer/database administrator. And today, after working my ass off 50 hours this week only to be summed up in my company's improving profit margin during the dead season by some numbers, getting the quarterly "Be my bitch or I'll find a younger, fresher college graduate that will be a mindless American Psycho drone that does only what I tell them and can't think for themselves - which is the crux of existence [you could argue conformity is the actual answer]" speech, and fighting the urge to break my LCD panel in half over my knee for ten hours - all I wanted was some wings and beer. That must make me an un-marriageable, irresponsible, stupid young adult.
Do women ever consider that they are a major contributor to the problem? I personally have stopped thinking about my girlfriend - she doesn't bother to text, or call, the majority of the time. I get scolded if I send more than one text in 3 minutes. Lo and behold, she happens to be in her "pre-adult" stage as well. Maybe you should consider the fact that "GIRLS" are an emerging sociological occurrence as well - ages 18 to 25, they claim no responsibility for anything that doesn't directly and adversely affect them, they do whatever they want, whenever they want, for whatever reason, share equivalent obsessions with bands and rockstars that couldn't care less about them, or revel in idyllic fantasies that will never happen because they ignore what could be a great "guy" with little or no attempt to find out.
Perhaps the very reason we exist in this state is because we have retreated to the mindset that all women our age are immature, flaky, boring excuse makers who are so busy filling their day with what is utterly unimportant and overexaggerated nonsense, that they have consigned to the fact, without any empirical evidence, that we are whatever they think we are. So that, those girls who are actual beings of substance are hidden in the shadows of shallow, stupid bar-hoppers who show more breasts and legs than their face and personality, or they are too busy with their eyes in a computer screen or a book or whatever is that they like to do, appear to us like they don't exist, or have some defect that is preventing them from drifting into our radar. Maybe they are purposely trying not to.
I personally managed to find one of these pre-adult girls that was actually worth all the trouble, despite the fact that she unfortunately was describable by some of the things I've written. And, because she was too busy being inacessible and acting like getting a 9.0 GPA was paramount to the extent that it warranted a new adjective (Yes I realize it's impossible, l2hyperbole), the root of all our conflicts stemmed from her never being able to spend any quality time. Sorry but guys don't mess with that bullshit either if it's someone we truly care about. That was 5 years ago and personally I feel like I'll never care about anyone that much again, that I'll never connect with anyone that well again. To me it's offensive to be tossed into this stereotype with millions of other people that happen to be described by some of the same adjectives. Amy and her comedian inspirer must secretly work at an IT firm that links all these meta-tagged websites together based on a few common words, when in fact they have nothing to do with each other whatsoever.
If you purport there are no good men around, trust us, we're sitting around our big screen TVs with our beer saying the exact same thing about you. You don't seem to need us, and there are many more of you than there are of us. We've passed you the ball, so what are you doing now? You're travelling. And you're crying that the hoop is within your reach but there are people in the way.

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